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About One Solution Inc

Computer Support Service Provider

One Solution Inc is a global computer support service provider which has carved a niche in the industry because of its modern, out of the box and unparallel quick and flawless service to its clients. With its work location in United States it very swiftly caters to the need and requirements of customers across the globe. Headquartered in US as One Solution Inc, One Solution Inc has been rated as one of the best computer support service providers for consumers and small businesses in United States.

Our extremely certified trained and experience professionals strive on and on to come out with the most innovative and accurate solutions to any and every problems related to your computer in no time. Our dedicated team uses advance technology of communication, on line instant support for problems of our patrons without wasting the latter’s time in reading the complicated technical documents or waiting for a local technician. With our hard work and perseverance we have all through the years, have managed to catapult goodwill of the company and the satisfaction level of our clients to new heights.

Your stressful experience of waiting for hours together for a technician who will solve your computer problems is now gone to drain, As One Solution Inc offers unmatched and high standard technical support to our customers without making to you wait even for minutes. Our tech support through chat and phone is so convenient that customers can approach our tech support team anytime even in non peak hours.

We support all the IT brands in the market. Our well trained and qualified professionals not only serve the well cooked food of expert knowledge in the plate of our clients but also they see to it that the spice of technology is easily reachable to all the computer users and it is well digested by them in their respective line of businesses. Our professionals ensure that our clients are excelled in their business.

Our professionals have developed state-of-art knowledge with the help of meticulous training and work with leading edge technology to solve all your complex problems related to your computer.

Meet Our Team

One Solution Inc has league of people who have in depth technical knowledge and years of experience behind them. The personnel who render services and provide support have minimum 2-3 years in depth technical support experience. They are extremely efficient in resolving common as well as unique computer problems including virus intrusions, slow performance, error messages, and software installation, configuration requirements and peripheral cum devices issues. They unravel all their technical skills and experience while dealing with the clients and exhibit strong qualitative experience and in depth knowledge with all of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, application support and networking.

Our Misson

“Customer satisfaction and Zero defect computer” is the only mission of One Solution Inc. The driving force behind the incorporation of One Solution Inc is for rendering expert technical services which is not certainly do-it-yourself prospect. Just like legal services, accounting services one requires the help of the professional expert in the respective filed in the same manner technology support also requires Midas touch by skilled and expert personnel.

Smart business men always take intelligent decision. They will always resort to standard and qualitative technical guidance for their system applications. They always trust professional service providers with years of qualitative experience behind them. One Solution Inc takes pride in declaring itself as the most trusted service providers across the globe. And this we are not boasting off as our credentials, testimonials and client feedback reflect this declaration and we do not believe in beating around the bush but believe what we see and what we hear.

We serve our clients as trusted allies and see to it that our clients possess all the possible software programs, accessories and peripherals which provide them maximum efficiency and enhance their productivity. We are ever ready whenever our customers need our help.

The above mission can be very well summarized as under:
“One Solution Inc is dedicated to clout the new technologies by providing standard qualitative technical services, security services and guarantee highest level of customer satisfaction in this process”

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