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Refund Policy

One Solution Inc (hereby known as “”) cannot provide a refund for updates applied to the customer product (ie..Computer or Laptop) by another company not affiliated with One Solution Inc (hereby known as “”). (Companies not affiliated unless otherwise specified).

  • In case we do not receive any refund request on OR within 7 days from the date of transaction, the refund will not be processed and One Solution Inc. will not be liable.
  • In the case of customers who have received keys/licenses for paid software, they are eligible for a refund of upto $49.99/pc.
  • In case One Solution Inc. has resolved one or two issues; One Solution Inc. will not be obliged/liable to process a refund. If One Solution Inc. has not been able to resolve the primary issue within 7 days from the date of payment (Hardware issue is not included); a partial refund will be processed after deducting One Time Fix charges/device.

In case of refund of non USA customers, if the refunded amount is less than the original amount then One Solution Inc. is not liable to refund that difference amount as this difference is due to the currency fluctuation.

Service charges may be applicable and deducted from any refund.

Customer must test and sign off on all work completed. If issue is not resolved, at the time of service completion customer has the right to request a refund, or have the issue resolved. All refunds are at the discretion of One Solution Inc (hereby known as “”) management.

We will refund the credit card used during purchased/subscription. The refund process usually takes 7-10 business days to process. For further information or questions please email us at

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